LGBT Studies Program

Welcome to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies Program

The LGBT Program currently offers an undergraduate certificate and a minor. The certificate is a 21-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 15 required and 6 elective credits designed to complement any student's major field of study. The minor is a 15-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 12 required and 3 elective credits. All current UMD students are eligible to pursue the certificate or minor; contact our office to register.

For Spring 2014 LGBT Studies Proudly Presented:

Seventh Annual DC Queer Studies Symposium

A One-Day Conference at the University of Maryland

April 25, 2014, College Park, MD


Queer Intimacies

The symposium was a daylong series of conversations in critical queer and gender studies focused on what is happening to queer intimacy as the legal and social status of LGBT people and same-sex relationships undergoes change, in the US and throughout the world. Events included concurrent paper sessions, a buffet lunch, followed by an afternoon plenary featuring Scott Herring (Associate Professor of English, Indiana University at Bloomington) and Sharon Holland (Associate Professor of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). The day culminated with the keynote address by Katherine M. Franke, "Gay Marriage 2.0: Divorce." Franke is the Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law and director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School. She was a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow in 2011-2012. She has written numerous articles on the curious role the right to marry plays in larger civil-rights struggles and is completing a book, Wedlocked: How Ex-Slaves and Gay People Thought Marriage Would Set Them Free.

We are grateful to the following for their support:

The Center for Historical Studies; the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies; the College of Arts and Humanities; the Department of English; the Department of Women's Studies; the Graduate School; the Hoff Funding Board; the LGBT Equity Center, the LGBT Studies Program; the Office of Diversity and Inclusion; the Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy; the Office of Undergraduate Studies; the Pepsi Enhancement Fund; the President's Commission on LGBT Issues; and Roshan Institute for Persian Studies.

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Department of English


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There is still time to register for Summer 2014 and/or Fall 2014 LGBT Studies Courses!

Seats are still available for 265 "LGBT Literatures" (Summer session 2 online), 448R "Exploring Latina/o Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture" (Summer session 2 online), and 448K "Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Human Rights" (Fall). A full list of Summer and Fall courses and course descriptions are available.

Questions? Contact us to make an advising appointment, or to sign up for the minor or certificate in LGBT Studies.

Faculty News: We congratulate Christina Hanhardt, Associate Professor in American Studies and LGBT Studies, on her book, Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence which is the 2014 Lambda Literary Award Winner in LGBT Studies.

Safe Space
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For other current events on campus check with the LGBT Equity Center, the The One Project, the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy office, the Pride Alliance.