LGBT Studies Program

Welcome to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies Program

The LGBT Studies is a Program within the Department of Women's Studies, in the College of Arts and Humanities. It currently offers an undergraduate certificate and a minor. The certificate is a 21-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 15 required and 6 elective credits designed to complement any student's major field of study. The minor is a 15-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 12 required and 3 elective credits. All current UMD students are eligible to pursue the certificate or minor; contact the Department of Women's Studies undergraduate advisor to register.

For Spring 2015 The Department of Women's Studies Proudly Presented:

Thirteenth Annual Lecture Series in LGBT Studies


What if? And what then? The time and space of gender, sexuality, race, and empire are shaped by acts of speculation: both financial speculation on “futures” markets and the speculative imaginaries that invent, theorize, imagine, and enact different kinds of worlds. Queer theory, politics, and life have always engaged in speculative practice, demanding we attend to forms of kinship, politics, gender, sex, and sociality that exceed the logics of assimilation. In recent years, attention has turned both to the ways in which some queer formations can reinforce the logics of speculative capital, and to the work of speculative cultural production in imagining different, deviant worlds. This year’s lecture series invites you to join discussions about the speculation about queer bodies, objects, feelings, pasts, futures, utopias, dystopias, and transformations as our invited speakers tackle such questions as: What is speculative about queerness? How does queerness interrupt, reframe, reinterpret different forms of speculation?

Co-sponsors: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Office of Diversity & Inclusion; Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies; departments of American Studies, Anthropology, and English; Asian American Studies Program; LGBT Equity Center AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Department of Literature GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Department of EnglishTHE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY departments of American Studies and English

We are located in 2101 Woods Hall,
in The Department of Women's Studies


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Want to find out more about the certificate or minor in LGBT Studies? To make an advising appointment, or to sign up for the minor or certifcate in LGBT Studies, go to and select an available slot.

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Faculty News: We congratulate Mehl Penrose, Associate Professor of Spanish, on his recently published book, Masculinity and Queer Desire in Spanish Enlightenment Literature

We congratulate Christina Hanhardt, Associate Professor in American Studies and LGBT Studies, on her book, Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence which is the 2014 Lambda Literary Award Winner in LGBT Studies.

Safe Space

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For other current events on campus check with the LGBT Equity Center, the The One Project, the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy office, the Pride Alliance.