LGBT Studies Program

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies

The Department of Women's Studies, in the College of Arts and Humanities, offers an undergraduate certificate and minor in LGBT Studies, in addition to the B.A. and undergraduate certificate in Women's Studies and a joint minor in Black Women's Studies (with African American Studies).

The certificate in LGBT Studies is a 21-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 15 required and 6 elective credits designed to complement any student's major field of study. The minor in LGBT Studies is a 15-credit interdisciplinary course of study comprised of 12 required and 3 elective credits.

We encourage current UMD undergraduates interested in any of these five programs of study to contact the Department of Women's Studies.

For Spring 2017 The Department of Women's Studies Proudly Presents:

"Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens,"
Twenty years Later:
A Celebration of the Scholarship of Cathy Cohen

Tenth Annual DC Queer Studies Symposium

Friday, April 21, 2017, 8:30am - 6:45pm
Ulrich Recital Hall (1121), Tawes Hall
University of Maryland

For full schedule and online registration please visit

At the close of the 20th century, Cathy Cohen insisted that “…a truly radical or transformative politics has not resulted from queer activism.” She instead offered ideas about coalitions organized in the name of the “nonnormative” and “marginal” and based in an intersectional analysis of power that demanded a move beyond an assimilative LGBT agenda. Twenty years after the publication of Cohen’s “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?” the relevance of these words echo loudly in our current political era. Cohen’s call became the basis for important research and political work in regards to race, sexuality, and class. In celebration of that landmark essay, and her overall breadth of scholarship and activism, this symposium invites Cohen and a wide range of other scholars and activists to revisit the influence of her vision and to explore the question: What does transformative political activism look like in the 21st century?

We are located in 2101 Woods Hall,
The Department of Women's Studies


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